Yardifact fire bowls are fabricated from new, salvaged or
surplus industrial shapes, parts, forms and etc.
I can cut, form,  bend, weld, grind, mill, turn, drill, & shape
most materials; wood, stone, steel, aluminum,  copper, brass,
bronze, cast iron...
Yardifact  fire bowls are stocked in 26” & 32” diameters.
Maximum diameter  is limited only by my ability to move it.
Yardifact fire bowls may be  built low, on  antique bathtub feet,
or  set higher, convenient  for  patio furniture.
Supplied in  their “rustic” bare metal  condition,
yardifact fire bowls  will readily accept any of the colorful
modern high temperature resistant paints available at  
your  local auto, hardware or  home improvement store.
Yardifact fire bowls are heavy walled and will  last generations.
Kids & grand-kids have argued about who inherited the yardifact.

I can also supply custom covers, cooking grates and fire tools.
I take commissions. I am just as happy collaborating on  your idea
as I am developing one of my own.
Motto:           Good. Fast. Cheap.  -  Pick Two.
Guarantee: My Fault; My Fix. Your Fault; Your Bill.
Shipping:    Free Local PDX. Worldwide At Cost.